íS Vodka Retail, Beachfront 301
Beachfront 301

301 Main St.
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 374-3399

Mon.-Fri. 11am-Close
Sat.-Sun. 9am-Close

Beachfront 301

\"I went to Beachfront 301 for a friend\'s birthday and I should have hated my experience. In the bathroom there are TVs that only play commercials. There\'s a flat screen on just about every wall in the main room. But I didn\'t hate it. It was awesome. My friends and I ate chips and salsa that might have cost lots of money. The beer was surprisingly inexpensive and the drink menu is organized by price. That is so cool! 8-10 pitchers of beer when you know it\'s only going to cost $18 is even cooler!\" -Bryan M.